Ten Simple Tips for Crochet Beginners

crochet beginners

Are you just beginning your crochet journey? Read our top ten tips for crochet beginners to avoid some easy mistakes and to help make the process a little smoother when starting out.

Avoid tangling your yarn

Tangles are a crocheters nightmare, as when left unspotted they lead to knots! One of the great joys of crochet is it can enable a calming, meditative state, but the downside is it’s very easy to tangle yarn and create knots without noticing. In turn this leads to you unravelling your work and beginning again.

Use a ball of yarn to improve tension

You will get better results if you turn your skein of yarn into a ball of yarn before you begin. This will also help to avoid tangling as well as improving the tension. It’s possible to do this by hand or if you prefer, use a ball winder.

Remove obstacles

Make sure to remove anything that is going to get in your way and affect your progress. Tie back long hair as it might get tangled in your project. Remove jewellery, particularly rings and bracelets as they can get caught in the yarn.

crochet beginners


Position your yarn correctly

You want the ball of yarn to unwind easily whilst you crochet. Place it in your lap or at your feet. If you are crocheting whilst out and about, place it in a roomy bag so it can unwind without rolling off.

Choose the right crochet hook

Crochet hooks come in bamboo, plastic and aluminium and range in size from 2-16mm. For a beginner we recommend a regular medium sized hook to start. If you find your work is too tight you need a larger crochet hook. And conversely if your work is too loose, a smaller hook. The yarn label will suggest a hook size, but this is only a suggestion. There is no right answer; it will take experimentation and practice to find the best hook for you.

Avoid changing hooks in the middle of the project

Switching hooks in the middle of the project can create inconsistency. You want your stitches to remain uniform throughout. Choose your hook and stick to it!

crochet beginners

Take time to make a tension swatch

Making a tension swatch helps you to check that your tension matches the pattern you are working with. It’s worth taking the time to make a swatch before you begin. In fact, this is one of the most important steps to ensure your project ends up the right size.

Don’t be afraid to unravel

It’s ok to go back if you have made a mistake. Unravel the stitches up to that point and begin again.

Make mistakes

Experimentation and therefore making mistakes is part of the process! You’ll learn something new each time even if it goes wrong. It’s ok to go off pattern.

Join a crochet beginners class!

If you enjoy learning in a group setting, why not find a class you can join?    Once you tap into it, there is a supportive crochet community out there. Knithub 24 runs crochet classes in London.  You can sign up to our beginner’s class here.  We can also provide one-to-one training if you’d like.

Happy Crocheting!

crochet beginners

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