Supporting the NHS

Supporting the NHS during this difficult time is important to the Knithub 24 team. That is why we’d like to offer all NHS staff a 50% discount on all our online knitting,  crochet & Macramé classes. It’s our way of doing our bit, to help you get through this extremely testing period.

Perhaps you only have an hour to unwind before hitting the front line again. Maybe you need to find a way to destress. Whatever the reason may be, we hope that this discount helps you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of knitting.

Curious about the types of classes we offer? From beginner’s courses to knitting projects for intermediate and more advanced learners, we have something for all.

This includes online classes for:

  • Learn to Knit a Pom Pom Hat
  • Learn to Knit Mittens
  • Men’s Knitting Class
  • Learn to Knit Socks
  • One-to-One Knitting Masterclass
  • Learn to Crochet a Shopper Bag
  • Create a Gorgeous Macramé Wall hanging
  • Learn to Crochet Amigurumi Toys
  • One-to-One Crochet & Macrame
  • Beginner’s Machine Knitting
  • Intermediate Machine Knitting Course
  • Advanced Machine Knitting
  • One-to-One Machine Knitting Masterclass
  • Industrial Machine Knitting
  • Punch Card Knitting
  • Lace Carriage Knitting
  • Intarsia Carriage Knitting
  • How to Use a Ribber on a Knitting Machine

To be eligible for the discount on our online knitting classes, please take a selfie of your NHS photo ID pass and send it to us. Once we receive this, we will send an individual code to you. Pop in this code when booking for any of our classes online.

Supporting the NHS through our discount is our way of saying thank you. For everything NHS staff are doing for humanity and saving our nation. We love you NHS! 

Your Knithub 24 Family x