Why Knit?

Why Knit?

“It’s my creative meditation’, enthused one of our students when asked why they love our machine knitting courses. “It gives me a sense of achievement and pride, my creative side really comes alive”, said another.

Our Machine Knitting Courses

Here at Knithub 24, we often hear feedback just like this from those who attend our machine knitting workshops. And it’s so true. The benefits of machine knitting and hand knitting are well documented and here at Knithub 24, we have a variety of classes to suit everybody. Whether you want to try your hand at arigurumi, or crochet , hand or machine knitting or macrame – we do it all and would love to teach you in one of our classes!

One of our founders Farah Govani, is a knitwear designer, who shares her passion for her craft: “I love machine knitting as I can be really experimental with yarns and knit structures. Some techniques can’t be achieved through hand knitting. Sometimes I design whilst on the machine; I can easily try out ideas and see the results immediately. It’s amazing to see how the same techniques can look completely different from the choice of yarn. I’m able to create interesting and beautiful fabrics and garments that started from a thought, image, place, feeling or another form of inspiration.”

We offer machine knitting classes taught exclusively by her. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an industry professional, Farah has something for everyone. Learn a new skill and get to know other knitters as we teach you to knit one stitch at a time.

Online Machine Knitting Courses

You can learn to machine knit at home too, through our virtual classes. These knitting classes for beginners online are ideal for busy knitting enthusiasts. We also have intermediate and advanced machine knitting classes too. Learn to knit from the comfort of your living room, when it’s convenient for you.

Whether you knit for yourself, knit for charity, or knit for those you love, come join us at Knithub 24!