Knit-Asana: Is Knitting the New Yoga?

If you are a regular yogi you will be familiar with threading breath with movement, weaving postures together on the flow of your breath and immersing yourself in movement as meditation. To inhale and receive, exhale and release. The health benefits of a regular yoga practice are endless and widely celebrated. However, if you are no yoga fan, fear not, it seems knitting could offer some of the same benefits. Read on to discover why.


Why is knitting likened to yoga?


It is the rhythm and the repetition of the practices that link them. In yoga, breath is linked with movement and by following a series of postures the practitioner achieves a meditative state. This is similar to the focus and concentration required when settling into a knitting project. The repetitive clicking of the needles and the rhythmic movement of the hands slows the breath and the heart rate and also induces a relaxed state of mind. New York knitting yogini Tara Stiles says “Knitting feels very meditative, like all the yoga stuff I do. Because you’re doing a similar pattern over and over, it becomes very calming. It has that effect that yoga and meditation have, that you stop thinking about all the things you have to do, and you’re brought right into the moment.”


Knitting to Relax


Knitting teaches us mindfulness. We become absorbed in the breath and on slowing down; this brings us into the present moment. Studies have shown that knitting reduces the stress hormone cortisol and increases the happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine. Since we have to focus on the project at hand, worries and stresses from life get pushed away and we are able to soften into the now.


The Rewards of Knitting


Unlike yoga, we are eventually rewarded with our own creation which can be deeply satisfying. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or a new item of clothing, through each thing produced, self confidence is built. Through joining a knitting school or circle the craft can also be a wonderful way to make friends and connections with like minded creatives. Or maybe you prefer the chance to be quiet and introspective, an hour alone to yourself. Whatever the case, basque in the knowledge that time spent in this way is beneficial to your health and wellbeing!


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Image credits: Yarnspirations